site architecture

Site architecture can be seen from two major perspectives—that of the information architect and that of the search engine optimizer. Terms like usability, findability, indexation and PageRank characterize these two disciplines. Here at Designwise they are closely intertwined.

What we do is try to design the physical arrangement of information on the Web site (structure) so that it supports the search engine’s indexing and ranking of the site, while being usable, accessible and friendly to the visitor.

We spend a lot of time on site architecture/structure. We analyze the content of the site and relate it to marketing goals. Simply put, we want visitors as well as search engines to find exactly the information we intelligently and very deliberately place there for them to find.

These processes are integral in the development of a site, not tacked on later. In fact we will quite often have resolved nearly all the structural issues before even beginning to work on the visual design of a site.