search engine marketing

You want your web site at the top of organic search engine results because most web users stop looking after two or three pages of search results.

Search engine marketing is a mix of search engine optimization and pay-per-click or cost-per-click marketing. Designwise brings converting traffic to your site using high rankings, effective pay-per-click advertising, social media, and other forms of online advertising including press releases.

We offer a tried-and-true formula that moves your site up in the search engine rankings. We consistently survey current trends and test new methods on our own sites to make sure they work before implementing them on a client’s site. Concentrating on your competition, overall research, and on-page and off-page optimization techniques, we move our client’s keywords higher in the search results. Our clients enjoy top search engine rankings for terms relevant to their industry and sites.

search engine optimization

At Designwise search engine optimization is broken down into four fundamental steps: keyword research and selection, on-page optimization, link building, and reporting.

keyword research

We create a robust list of relevant keyword phrases that are searched on by your potential customers. Using your input and then expanding the initial keyword list by cross-checking against the search engines’ databases of actual keyword searches, we identify key phrases likely to be used by your customers that will give you the best ROI.

on-page optimization

Based on the chosen keywords, we recommend adjustments to your Web site to include important keyword phrases in the right places. We will also make recommendations for added content, internal links, and keyword-related topics that will attract more keyword search traffic.

link building

All prominent search engines rely on inbound links to varying degrees to determine search rankings. Links are heavily weighted in the ranking algorithms and are one of the most important factors in SEO. We have many years of link building experience and many methods to build links to your site. We don’t just go after any kind of link but we balance your link building to look natural. We also heavily pursue links from sites within your industry or subject mater. Current algorithms are concentrated on authoritative link more than quantity of links.


Great reports that are easy to understand and act on are essential to SEO successes. Our reports are comprehensive enough to act on to make improvements but also easy enough to understand that they can be shared with upper management.

By using our services you will benefit from long-lasting high ranking positions in the major search engines.