content management

The nitty-gritty, everyday management of site content should be handled by the client, in-house. Or, quite possibly you might find yourself in a hotel in Mumbai and you would still be able to keep your site up-to-date.

Designwise builds all sites within one of several content management systems. This is not necessarily an off-the-shelf solution, and a site with CMS costs a bit more to build. However, over time, significant savings in daily maintenance offsets this initial cost. The ability for various staff to publish, manage and organize content through a role-based permissions system is important.

Although there will be some easy training and orientation, they should be able to do this without a daunting learning curve and without having to delve into Web programming. They should also be able to do it from any computer, anywhere and without additional software. A content management system puts control of site content in-house, where it belongs. The right CMS can also integrate blogs, video, podcasts, photo galleries, forms and Web analytics into your site.